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Alan Seid is a certified trainer through the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2003, working with individuals and organizations on 5 continents in English and Spanish-speaking trainings.

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Video #3: The FRAMEWORK for Blackbelt Communication Skills,

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In this free video training you will learn:

  • How to fulfill your vision and mission even when difficult people get in the way
  • A time-tested way to express your perspective so that you get understood the way you want
  • The path to becoming masterful at preventing and even transforming conflicts

Enter your name and email for access to my FREE training videos that will put you well on the way to mastering interpersonal communication skills!

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What People Are Saying

“Possessing an intellect and wealth of knowledge that doctoral students would envy, Alan Seid brings a quality of clarity to his work and training that is a rare commodity. I know few people who live so completely in harmony with their espoused values.”

~ Wes Taylor

CNVC Certified Trainer, Organizational Development Specialist, Service Excellence Coordinator, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

“Alan, your lucid presence combined with your command of the concepts and your ease/simplicity in presenting them were not only a pleasure to experience. You up-leveled the center of gravity of the entire conversation/experience for us all.”

~ Sandra Poulson

Organization Effectiveness Specialist, Environmental Protection Agency

“I have very high regard for Alan. My opinion is that he knows his stuff backwards and forwards, is creative in synthesizing understandings, and lives with ENORMOUS integrity. I find him to be very inspiring – and am encouraged that he represents the best of the next generation.”

~ Lucy Leu

CNVC Certified Trainer; Former President of the Board, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Author, Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook: A Practical Guide for Individual, Group or Classroom Study

“Alan is a tremendous resource, he helped me to focus on my goals and find my inner strength and courage to become my greatest version. Alan has a unique ability to convey complex theories and adapt them into everyday practical use; I highly recommend Alan and Cascadia Workshops.”

~ Kofi Debrah

Consultant, Event Organizer, Co-Founder & Partner of Oko Forests

Clients Include

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

University of Washington Foster School of Business

Antioch Institute for Whole Systems Design

Center for NonViolent Communication

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Rasur Foundation

M Moser Associates

Whatcom Collaborative Law Professionals

Lopez Island Family Resource Center

Whatcom County Public Utility District #1

Whatcom Dispute and Resolution Center

Bellingham Community Food Coop

Kelly Insurance Agency

Circle of Life Caregivers Cooperative

*Why Blackbelt? This is a respectful reference to aikido, a martial art of peace, as well as to the concept and experience of mastery. When emotions are "hitting the frying pan," THAT is when we want our Black Belt, right?

**If you don't already know this information, it's not your fault. They don't teach us this in

school. And yet the world is crying out for these exact skills!

Please join me now.

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